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An appraisal of the effect of Business Environmental Factors on the Marketing Activities of a Business Organization


This research work is based on the Business environmental factors as they affect marketing activities in a Business organization amongst the workers of Nigeria Bottling Company.

The research aimed to evaluate the various environmental factors which were divided into two which are the internal and external factors, the research also arrived at a conclusion and recommendation according to the findings in chapter four of this project which went further in an interview with both the management team and the various staff of the company.

Furthermore, the research tried to explain various method used in gathering information from respondents.



Business organization has been variously defined by different authors, scholar’s writers of business management and there is no disagreement as to these several definition.

However, from a under perspective, business management is defined as an establishment made up of specialist in fields, who come together for the purpose of maximizing profit through the satisfaction of consumer’s needs, wants and requirements.

Therefore, for any business organization to meet up her stipulated goals, which are profitability and consumers satisfaction, the business operations and activities have to be carried out within the framework that society has established. The development and operation of any business enterprise is determined to a large extent by the environment in which the business is located.

So by business environment, we mean the sum total of all internal and external factors and variables that influence the decisions, roles, operation, production, marketing and goals of the business enterprise.

The environmental variable may be favourable or hostile to the business operations. They are also vary from one environment to the others.

However, one of the functional area of business enterprises being affected by these environmental factors is marketing which is a crucial, very significant and indispensable functional are to enterprise because the function (i.e department) is the one that determined the needs, wants and aspirations of consumers via consumers and marketing research and also satisfy consumers requirements in a way of achieving the primary and general organizational goal which is profitability and consumers satisfaction.

Marketing department play a very significant role in an enterprise because production activity has not been completed unit the goods and services produced are made available to the final consumer at a fair price, convenient place, good condition and at a reasonable time. This confirms that marketing assertion, which says production meant for consumption.

Therefore, for marketing activities to be successfully carried out within the framework of the society they established, the organization and there marketers must have sound knowledge of the existing marketers must have sound knowledge of the existing and futuristic environmental nature since the starting point of developing marketing plan is to determine and analyze the nature of society where the marketing organization has to operate.


The purpose of this study is to examine the favourable and unfavourable influences of the environmental factors or marketing activities of business organisation specifically Nigerian bottling company plc and to know how the company is legitimately coping within the framework that the society has established for any business operations.


1. To identify various environmental factors affecting marketing activities of NBC plc.

2. To determine the contribution of those factors to the marketing activities of the company.

3. To find out the company intention to gain in studying the environment.

4. To know the coping and operational strategies and tactics the company is using to operate within the environment.

5. To x-ray the importance of marketing function to the company.

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