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The Role of advertising in the patronage of fast food firms in Enugumetropolis. Chapter one discuss on the introduction background, of the study, statement of problem, objective of the study, statement of problem. Objective of the study, research questions, significance of the study, scope of the study, limitation and final definition of terms. Chapter two talks about review or related literature, which include introduction, definition of advertising, types of advertising. The essence of good advertising budget, advertising media, finally the effect of advertising. Chapter three discuss the research design, population of the study, sampling procedures and course of data and finally, discipline of data analysis techniques. Chapter four show the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data form. Finally chapter five talks about summary of findings. Conclusion and recommendation and suggestions for further study.




Advertising is a powerful communication tools used by companies to fulfil their promotional task. It is a promotional tool which its relevance and contribution is social economic and ethical sphere is immeasurable. It is the only communicate the existence of quality of their product to the target audience. It is not only used by profit oriented organization, but also by politician’s government and other charitable organizations. American marketing association (AMA) defines advertising and promotion of ideas goods and services by an identified sponsor. The word any paid form distinguishes advertising from personal selling because it is used to reach large number of audience through mass media. It is not a face to face presentation. It may compliment of supplement the job of personal selling but must pass through the media. Advertising is personal selling in print and electronic media. Advertising promotes both tangible and intangible goods. It is for both profit and non profit and service organization such as banks, insurance companies, church, transport companies, government prostates such as power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) and political parties and their candidates tangible goods.


Despite fact that past studies by researcher revealed that advertising is a determinant of consumer patronage most of the studies were done in environment different from Nigeria business environment and mainly focused on multinational co-operations. Furthermore, a lot of organizations especially the small and medium scale are not convinced enough, and as such pay little in a firms marketing programme, a lot of complaints have been leveled against it some of the issue associated with advertising falls in between the n advertiser (firm) and the audience (customers0 inability of the advertiser to evaluate customers before embarking on advertising.

Most advertising agencies lack professional character due to the inadequate qualification of personal and lack of training. As such they tend to alter the real intentions of the advertiser (Advertising organization). At times advertising which the audience find it difficult to comprehended.

Media effectiveness has been a major area of concern to most organizations especially in the following areas cost, suitability, and coverage, credibility and penetration desired. The most challenging of all the problems is the issue of cost. Firms over the years have always complained on whether huge expenditure on advertising is justified and whether to continue to embark on such programme of to abandon it.

As a result of the problem pointed out above, this study aimed at investigating the extent to which advertising 9Agency, massage, media and cost structure) affects customer patronage in the fast food industry with specific interest on Enugumetropolis.


The general objective of this work is to know the impact of advertisement on fast food competitive market.

To determine the causes of failure of product after advertisement.

To know it advertisement have an effect in customer choice of fast food.

To know if advertise agent have an effect in customer choice of fast food

To determine if advertisement cost structure affect the relevance of fast food centers.


Does advertisement have an impact on fast food competitive market?

What are the reasons why products still fail after advertisement

Dose advertisement affect customer choice of fast food

Dose the cost structure of advertisement affect the revenue of fast food centers


This study has its main significance of enhancing the firms, organization both charitable and non charitable organization on the benefit it drive from effective use from work of reference to student in marketing and other related fields who might conduct on inquiry or research on similar topic.

The study in some way will also serve as a corrective measure to reduce some negative feeling of customers towards a product. It will also charity significantly to increase on cost of production in fast food industry.

However, this study will also help firms, organization on the need to adopt advertising as tools. The study, through its finding and recommendation will enable companies organizations know the appropriate media vehicle to use in order to reach its target customers effectively.


The extent of coverage of the study is defined within frame work of this research topic. As such, it critically investigates the relevance of advertising as a determinate of customer patronage in fast food industry in Enugumetropolis.


In the course of the study the researcher encountered a lot of problem which include the following.

Time constraints the time/period given for the completion of this work was not enough considering other academic activities to be carried out.

A financial constraint, the financial constraint was another major limiting factor for this study. There wasn’t enough money to be used in traveling to Mr. Biggs fast food industry public libraries outside the domain of the research to get more books and information for a better research work.

Co-operation. All the people concern in the process of carrying out the research did not posed a limitation to the effective carrying out of the research work.


Advertiser: This person manufacturer, service company, retailer or supplier who advertises their product or service according to RICHARD H. HOHON (1980)

Advertising: It is paid form of non-personal communication that is transmitted to consumers through mass media. Nebo G.O (2004)

Advertising: Agency the body that is responsible for planning and producing the advertising campaign Collin .J. Coulson Thomas (1984)

Massage: According to Louis Kaufman (1992) is the information that is contain in the promotion or communication of information or idea by the marketer or sender to the consumer or target audience.

Promotion: it is any form of communication employed by a firm to inform, persuade or remind its actual and or potential customers about itself, its communication. Olakuunori and Ejionnerme (1997)

Product: Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition or consumption, it includes physical objects, service place and ideas .P. Kotler (1980)

Market: it is set actual and potential buyers of a particular product. .P. Kotler (1996) .

Customer: According to Michaela (1984) goods or service (not necessarily the end consumer) it is some one who has developed a brand loyalty for a given product.

Fast food cooked food sold in snack bars and restaurants as quick meal.

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