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An Appraisal of Motivation as an aid to Organizational Development


Man’s work, conduct and any other activities are significantly conditioned by the degree of his motivation, regardless of whether the origin of the mo-tive is internal (impulse within man, the individual) or external (incentive by the external influences). Modern companies and other business entities pay great attention to improving the form, manner, technique and instruments of the employee motivation. Science and experience have shown that employees who are well motivated show more wishes, desires, creativity, innovation, greater company loyalty and increased satisfaction in their work. Good employee motivation creates a good business climate, strengthen relationships and builds a good and sustainable organizational behavior. Numerous studies in developed countries and large companies show that motivation is a key component of the organizational behavior and the organizational behavior is the main pillar of business dynamism, good enterprise management and successful and rapid organizational changes and the adaptation to the new business conditions and market requirements. the study of the role and the importance of employee motivation is particularly interesting and important in companies in the countries that are in a period of transition from one social system to another. Characteristic and a good example of such research are companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will in this paper focus on private enterprises in BiH and analyze the situation and characteristics of motivation and its impact on organizational behavior of employees who are not in the position of manager or leader. We decided to look at the motivation exclusively in private companies because they are created in three specic ways: First, by the privatization of former socially-owned and state-owned enterprises; Second, the establishment of businesses by citizens of BiH as a green eld investment, and third, the pri-vate companies that have been established by foreign entities or companies, by purchase of former state (social) enterprises and green held investments. Companies created through these three forms have their own peculiarities in terms of organization of work, mode of management, the status of employees, attitude towards the environment, vision, mission and ultimate intentions of their founders .Therefore, we believe that it is important to investigate the perception of the role and the importance of employee motivation in these companies on a specific group, such as employees who are not in managerial positions

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