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An evaluative study of the application of ICT in the Teaching and learning of Economics in Secondary Schools


This research work is aimed at identifying the level and usage of Information Communication Technology in teaching economics in secondary schools. The sole aim of the study is to enhance teaching and learning using information communication technology which provides a safe and non-threatening ability of such students. The use for application of internet is world wide which gives students immediate access to reach and source material. Difficult ideas are made more understandable when communication technology is applied to the teaching learning process. It is true that the efficiency of an institution depends largely on the impact of training reached by the different personnel’s in such organization. Students productivity is a crucial factor in the success of any institution of learning. This project is divided into five chapters; chapter one, introduces the topic containing general background, statement of problem, aims and objective, significance of the study, hypothesis and research methodology. Chapter two reviews related literature on the topic and various theories related Chapter to simplicity of teaching using information and Communication Technology. Chapter three deals with the description of how the study was carried out by researcher, and this include; the research design, population and sample, sampling technique, instrument for data collection-description and procedure for instrument development, procedure for data collection and method of data analysis. Chapter four analyzed the collected data. While chapter five, discussed the summary of the whole work, conclusion and recommendation.



In today’s world, the use of adoption of information technology (ICT) in teaching of economics in secondary schools could be helpful in the task of capacity building therefore; negative view in this direction could constitute a draw back to the achievement of our science and technology objectives (Adetula 2003).The adoption and application of ICT Information and Communication Technology in teaching of economics in secondary schools has come to occupy an important place in the education sector and national development and indeed the development of the world. This is because it has not only ensured scientific and technological development but it has also opened up more learning opportunities, improved the techniques of teaching and production of materials which reduce time consumption and distance.Because of the adoption of or use of information communication technology in teaching of economics in secondary schools today one can communicate in different ways, fully capable of communicating his or her findings from economical enquiry using power points, spread sheets to present graphs of data from around the world moreover, the evolution of technology can be traced from the earlier days of human existence, when our early ancestors learn the benefits of setting in one area to cultivate farm lands and grow foods rather than wonder from one place to the other. Settling down increase population which necessitate the investigation of tools to increase food production that was the beginning of technology advancement.The computer is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century which has contributed to the service of humanity through its capacity to automate the highly needed respective calculation earlier inventions have necessitated from the history of man existence, it is clear that there has been a continuous search for a way to reduce computational efforts primitive and mechanical tools to speed up calculation during the ear of pre-digital electronic computer.

The researcher observed that ICT is not effectively used in our classrooms situations; this is partly because most of the teachers are not computer literate, therefore making it difficult for them to operate ICT materials. The issue of power, which is needed to power the computers, is another problem affecting ICT application in the classrooms.


The use of Information Communication Technology in teaching economics in secondary schools, like any other devices is because of the ability or its capability to store large volumes of data, organize and analyze data accurately in other to produce quality information it has been the rapidly expanding trend. Could it be that there is a problem in the application of the ICT in economics classroom activities?


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