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This research work focuses on the age grade association as an agent of rural development this is very important especially at this time when emphasis are on developing rural areas.

It is disheartening to note that despite all the efforts of the government, federal, state and local is development at the rural areas through polices and programmes like better life for rural women, directorates of food, roads and rural infrastructure (DFRRI) rural electrification scheme power evaluation etc development in rural area still remain a mirage.

It is on this note that contemporary scholars now advocate for a better drastic approach to be adopted to rural development this strategies like the private sector, the use of non government organizations (NGOS) and the various community institutions like the age grade it is on these background that this work is set into evaluating the roles the age grade association as an agent of rural development.


In recent years the federal state and local government have been calling for all ramifications development especially from the rural areas, first to facilitated national development in the country the grassroots must be development first.

Obiukwu and Olisa (1992) defined rural development as a concerned improvement of the living standard of the population living in the rural areas on a self- sustaining basis through transforming the socio-economic, socio- spatial and structure of their productive activities, it deals with those methods and strategies designed to improve the economic and social life of the people in rural dwellers.

Age grade association is a social institution that constitutes important system in the social structure of any given society the age grade comprises of persons who are regarded as mates or born within the same age range.

Jeffery, (1950) sees age grade association as “a duty formalized social institution”. Rural development is a situation where the rural dwellers are provided with the basic news of life such as food, water, shelter enjoyed by the urban dwellers.

There are basic needs or amenities absent or lacking in Nkpor Town. The age grades association help to harness the provision of the above mentioned needs by each group taking up one or more of the needs or projects, hence making them a variable to the rural dwellers.

This study is prompted by a desire to see how this age grade association can be mobilized to assist in the development of Nkpor Uno.


Over the years, several efforts have been made by the federal, stated and local government towards the development of rural communities n the country. However, despite these giant strides by the government of different levels, the rural area has remained under developed.

        Contemporary scholars has emphasized that for rural areas to developed, effort should be shifted from government being seen as the major key players in the rural development to the participation of other key players like age grade, Non governmental organization (NGOS) etc. This research work is thus set into evaluating the role of age grade in rural development.

1.3  PURPOSE OF THE STUDY   The objectives or purpose of these study is to analyze the roles of age grade association towards rural and urban development especially in the area of Agriculture, health, economy etc. Also to determine the problem s associated with age grade association in performing their duties functions towards the development of the rural communities and make some recommendations based on the findings.


This research work on “Age Grade Association of rural development will be immensely significant to all and surrounding. This is because development is what will affect everybody in the society, the work will thus expose the various roles of age grade vis-à-vis rural development which any community aspiring to be developed may embraced. The study will as well beneficial to government at various levels, as it will reveal to them the need for youth improvement so as to place the age grade association in a better place to develop the rural areas. Moreover students embarking similar research of this, sort will find this work most beneficial as it will reveal to them all that is required to actualize a work of these natures.


The rising expected question which answers topic of this nature is of paramount or great important. The question, which were used to know the level or evaluate the role of age-grade association as agent of rural development towards all ramifications, development are;

i.            To what extent has age grade associations helped to the development of rural areas?

ii.          To what extent has the objectives of those age grade association been achieved in this town (Nkpor Uno)?

iii.  To what extend is the age grade association system organized in Nkpor town?

iv.         What is the their achievement in the town (Nkpor Uno) since their evolution or creation in eastern Nigeria?

v.           What levels of achievement have this age grade association reach in enhancing health and education of the rural people?

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