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The study was necessitated by the need to find out the Public Relation Principles and practice in the attainment of the corporate gaols of an organization, thus this topic Public Relation a s an Effective Instrument for attaining Co-operate Objectives; a Case study of PZ Industry Plc, Aba, we were made to understand that public relation principles has often been understood in effect and that most organization only involved themselves in production of goods and services failing to realize what public relations principle can do in promotion of these goods and services. Secondly, it has to do with current literature review relevant to the study of public relation activities in an organization. Methodology indicated the research design data collection instrument and the method used. Again, the presented data collected were analysed based on the response collected from both the questionnaire and oral interviews classification of sample unit were also stated here. Finally presented the summary of findings restatement of problem in the process of the presentation and analysis of data collected in the period of the study, several revealing findings emerged.  Conclusion from the data collected, presented and analysed it was concluded by the researcher that the management of PZ Industries Plc have adequate knowledge of Public Relation Principles recommendations and suggestion for further study.



1.1        General description of study

1.2        Brief history of the company

1.3        Problem statement

1.4        Purpose of study

1.5        Relevant research question

1.6        Statement of hypothesis

1.7        Scope of the study

1.8        Significance of the study

1.9        Definition


2.1        Review of literature

2.2        Model and/or theories relevant of the study

2.3        Current literature on the study


Research methodology

3.1        Research design

3.2        Description of study population or area to be covered

3.3        Sample plan

3.3.1  Sample frame

3.3.2  Sample size

3.3.3  Sample procedure

3.3.4  Sample method

3.4        Description of data collection

3.4.1  Primary data

3.4.2  Secondary source of data

3.5        Administration of the data collection instruments

3.6        Limitations of the study


Presentation and analysis of data

4.1        Presentation of data in accordance with research question

4.2        Hypothesis

4.3        Analysis of data

4.4        Decision of result


5.1        Summary

5.2        Findings

5.3        Conclusion drawn from findings

5.4        Recommendation

5.5              Suggestion for further studies



The image and goodwill of any organization have become one of the cordial objectives in modern management. This is because in the course of a company’s business operations, it deals with numerous “publics” these publics are like pressure groups whose actions and opinions can determine the growth and survival of the failure of the drawn up a delibrate and planned programme to build. Maintain and sustain cordial relationship and mutual understanding between itself and its publics because this will go a long way to determine the attainment of the company’s objectives. For these reasons image making and goodwill are here termed intangible assets, which are highly marketable any time any moment. As sales bring cash for today any marketing brings money forever, and for any company to market between itself and its publics. This can only be effective through good public relations programme in the organization.


The press relations, shareholders relation employees’ relations, customer relation, community relation and supplier’s relations

        The researcher concentrated on employee’s relation public and consumer relation public this public are most sensible among the publics maintenance above. To ensure productivity in a company the employees must be satisfied, and to ensure high sales volume, the consumers must also be satisfied.

        Therefore, business managers must recognise these publics opinions, beliefs, culture, values, needs and want in the formulation of their corporate policies and decisions, so that a proper integration of the organizations needs and the public needs with yield a better result for the organization. The integration of both can only be achieved through dialogue, mutual understanding as cordial relationship built and sustained overtime, this is the primary function of public relations.


Paterson Zochonis (PZ) industries limited was incorporated on 14th December 1984, under the name of P. B. Nicholas and company limited to take over the soap making activities of Mr. P. B. Nicholas who had some years prior to that data established factory for that purpose Paterson Zochonis and company limited Manchester (PZ) subscribed 75.5 percent of the company’s issued share capital and has since directly or through subsidiary companies, retained the controlling interest.

        Paterson Zochonis itself incorporated is England in 1884 because a public company quoted on the London and northern stock exchanges in 1954. Its principal activity is that of general merchants in West Africa, and it has been established in

This capacity in Nigeria that venture in Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone, and textile wholesaling in the United Kingdom, In 1951 Mr. P. B. Nicholas sold out, this interest in the company to PZ two years later, the company changed its name to Alagbon industries limited, and in 1960 adopted the name associated industries limited. During the same years the company achieved its first indigenous Nigeria equity participate and by the end of 1972, it has sold to percent of its shares capital to indigenous Nigerians.

        After incorporation in 1948, new factory building were erected and modern soap making equipment installed at Aba, thereby creating one of the earlier major industrial manufacturing units in Nigeria. The company’s facilities were further develop during the 1960s both by addition to the soap cosmetics and factory premise at Aba are no longer used for manufacturing purpose but extensive factory and administrative premises have been build of there over the years during the years 1967 to 1970, manufacturing operations at the Aba factory were disrupted, and in consequences, the company opened in rented premises in Lagos a factory which enabled it to maintain supplies of all but its soap products to its customers. This manufacturing unit eventually moved to modern, purpose built and equipped factory premises on company property in the ILUPEJU industries estate near Lagos

        The company’s range of product includes bar and tablet soap, perfumery cosmetic, confectionary medicaments and pharmaceuticals, all of which are distributed throughout Nigeria with bluffer stock held at strategic centres.

        The company (PZ) is well know through its duck, premier and joy soaps, Robb ointment mint super mints, jet hair cream, Venus de Milo range of cosmetic, Dan Fulani Pomade elephant A. P. C. etc.

        In addition, the company has significant export of glycerine and oil cakes, by product of the soap making process, which utilizes substantial tonnages of palm oil and other vegetable oil purchased locally. The increasing popularity of detergents indicated by market surveys and the close end use associated between the company’s existing soap products to include detergents. Factory premises for the purpose were erected at ILUPEJU, and 2973 one more major product was added to the company’s already wide range.

        Paterson Zochonis industries limited is one of the leading manufacturing companies today in Nigeria it is being faced with intended competition from other horizontal manufacturing companies like, Elegance industries, Liver brothers, the united African company (U. A. C) SmithKline beechen etc. But will organize communication to its “public” it will continue to defend itself as a leader in the markets. It major challenges remains how to sustain and improve on its capacity to deliver competitive quality product in a more cost effective way in the future.



Managing Director

Finance manager             


Public relation is very important hence it is of regarded as the nearest tools to achieve team work. As regards this attribute there existed problems inherent in the management of human resources since customers are becoming educated and sensible, a close relationship with then seems to be the ideal promotional tool. Hence management should see conflicting culture and values as a problem. These the researcher will find out the course of study.

        Public relation has communication as its major tools of accomplishing its goals. Therefore, there is always problem in the communication system in author is therefore poised to highlight problem areas and how to improve communication programme to avoid distortion and misconception.

        In addition, some companies tends to consider other factors such as price, quality, quantity and sale volume of their production as a yard stick to evaluate accomplishment of the corporate objective. The researcher would look into the roles the public relations principles are playing alongside those factors.


The objective of this research is to intimate managers of resources in organization that a sound relationship with “public” through public relation is the only ideal promotional that can ensure there continually in business and that this cannot be attained in isolation of the correct channel of communication between the organization and its publics is the focus which managers should see as second to non.

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