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This study was necessitated by the need  to find out the role of Public Relations in our marketing organization and to know how well it is used  as a promotional tool in the marketing organization, thus this topic “The Role of Public Relations in Marketing Organization”, a case study of PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, Aba.

In chapter one, we were made to understand that Public Relations has often been understood in effect and that most organization only involved themselves in production of goods and services failing to realize what PR can do in the promotion of those goods and services.

Chapter two has to do with current literature review relevant to the study  of Public Relations activities in an organization.

Chapter three indicated the research design, data collection instruments, and the method used. In chapter four, the presentation and analysis of data were presented. The data collected were analyzed based on the responses collected from both the questionnaire and oral interviews classification of sample units were also stated here.

Finally, chapter five  presented the summary of findings restatement of the problem, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further study.


Chapter one

1.1        Background of the study                                     

1.1.1          Profile of the company                                   

1.2        Statement of the problems                         

1.3        Objectives of the study                               

1.4        Research questions                                            

1.5        Research Hypothesis                                  

1.6        Significance of the study                                     

1.7        Scope and Limitation of the study                

1.8        Dedication                                                

Chapter Two

2.1        Definition of Public Relations                        

2.2        Roles of PR in an Organization                              

2.3        Problems of Public Relations                        

2.4        Functions of Public Relations                                

2.5        Public  Relations Tools                                

2.6        Responsibilities of Public Relations                

2.7        Ethnic of Public Relations                                    

2.8        Staff selection for public relations Job           

Chapter Three

3.1          The Design of the Study                                    

3.2          Area of the Study                                             

3.3          Populations of Study                                 

3.4          Sample and Sampling  Techniques                      

3.5          Method of Data Collection                          

3.6          Method of Data Analysis                                    

Chapter Four

4.1    Presentation of Data                                  

4.2    Test of Hypothesis                                            

4.3    Discussion of Findings                                 

Chapter five

Summary, conclusion and Recommendation          

5.1    Restatement of the Problem                         

5.2    Summary of Findings                                 

5.3    Conclusion                                                

5.4    Recommendation                                      

5.5    Suggestions for further study                       




4.1.1 Questionnaire distribution

4.1.ii         Respondents gender

4.1.iii Respondents marital  status

4.1.iv Educational Qualification of respondents

4.1.v Respondents opinion on the presence of PR  department in PZ Cussons, Aba. Respondents opinion on the existence of PR  Practice in the organization.

4.1.vii        Respondents  opinion on the promotional mix in use in the organization.

4.1.viii       Respondents opinion on the effectiveness of the mix in used in the organization.

4.1.ix Respondents opinion on the role of the mix in use  in the organization.

4.1.x Respondents opinion on the cause of  ineffectiveness of the promotional mix in use in the organization.

4.1.xi Respondents opinion on the understanding of   organization.

4.1.xii        Respondents opinion on managements  efforts towards  PR in the organization.

4.1.xiii       Respondents opinion on internal and external public perceptions about the organization

4.1.xiv       Respondents opinion on the organizational engagement in community development.

4.1.xv       Respondents opinion on the existence of PR tools in the firm.

4.1.xvi       Respondents opinion on favorable publicity of the firm.

4.1.xvii      Respondents opinion on the firm’s  corporate image

4.1.xviii     Respondents  opinion on the achievement of the organization aims and objectives without PR

4.1.xix       Respondents opinion on management present decision about public relations in the  organization.

4.2.i          Contingency Table I

4.2.ii         Calculation of chi-square I

4.2.iii contingency table II

4.2.iv Calculation of Chi-square II

4.2.v Contingency Table III Calculation of chi-square III

4.2.vii        Contingency Table iv

4.2.viii       Calculation of Chi-square iv



The role of public relations is very important in our organization. Public relations is an important area of management on which both business and non-business organizations depend directly or indirectly for their continued existence. Public relations touch all aspect of the corporate life and operations of every organization from production and personnel to finance and marketing management.

        Public relations has to do with communication, information, internal/external goodwill or reputation and different relationships of all of which every organization needs to continue existing. Public relations holds the key for mutual understanding between the government in contemporary societies and their citizens, other organizations and their international community.

Despite all these things that public relations does, it has remained in many countries, as one of the least understands area of modern management.

Many public relations practitioners have not sufficiently exposed themselves to the right education or body of knowledge in public relations that will make them true professional, some people outside the profession have very narrow derogatory and wrong perceptions of what this management discipline does or is all about. Sometimes, corporate Bribes are called PR and public relations managers or executives are regarded as mere press or publicity agents, errand boys, party organizers and cover-up gimmicks for experts and cover-up gimmicks for experts that are hired.

        It should be noted that public relations activities are done in order to complement the

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