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an appraisal of the Functionality of Archetypes in Films

It is plausible to say that filmmaking is one of the most veritable tools for shaping ideas and thought patterns of people, dating back to the last century. The astronomical rise of the power of films is overwhelming, without an end in sight as the world continue to advance technologically. A typical survey of peoples values across the world identifies family, friends, work leisure activity and to a lesser and variable degree, religion and politics. Each of these areas of life are significantly shaped by archetypes, archetypes largely derived from films. For example, an individual who is a spiritual leader unconsciously fulfils archetypal roles such as father, lover, friend and mentor. These archetypes shape the life the spiritual leader leads and values. Now, individuals who are avid movie lovers are influenced by the archetypes they see in the films they watch or interested in. At some point, the individual who is a spiritual leader may watch a crime movie (the criminal archetype) or a romantic comedy (lover archetype) on TV. Each of these movies has a social biological core with strong cultural overlays on the archetypes. Like most individuals, the life of the spiritual leader is lived within archetypal patterns which form a foundation to the way the way he relates, works and spends his leisure.

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